Cody Phifer is a singer songwriter from Detroit Texas. Well-seasoned and schooled in a wide variety of styles. He’s got the chops. Cody’s musical influences come from a strong family history of players, and they don’t stop there. He’s a student of the craft, always hungry to better himself and searching for new music. Cody’s songs are strong words on strong subjects that make you think, with perfect melodies and progressions to match. He’s not into sugar coating. Cody is a man of strong beliefs and passion which is easily heard in his music. I’ve been around long enough to see enough people play that don’t feel what they’re playing. Which in turn resonates to the listener, or shall I say…does not resonate. Cody feels what he plays and brings it from the right spot. And it does resonate with the listener. In my opinion, for a song to work you have to believe the singer. And when you listen to Cody, you don’t just believe him you feel him. He’s not faking.


 - Michael O'neal